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File apk, which is a apk format, and it its one of the files that can be downloaded and used easily. Medie supports many file formats and you can upload your files and share them anywhere and download them anytime, From here you can upload.
It is like the Huawei App Store:
Huawei App Store is the official app store for Huawei devices. Provides several applications for users with Huawei devices to download, including games, productivity tools, and life applications. Available on all Huawei mobile devices and tablets, the Huawei App Store is a safe and convenient platform for downloading and updating applications.

In addition to offering a wide variety of applications, the Huawei App Store has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate between applications and find the ones you need. It also provides personalized recommendations based on application usage habits, and provides exclusive offers and discounts to users.

The Huawei App Store also protects security well, as it has a multi-layered security system that includes periodic security checks and verification by application developers.

Huawei App Store is a major source of official apps for Huawei devices and provides an easy and convenient download experience for users. It includes various applications, has an easy to use interface, and takes care of security and quality to provide users with a better download experience.
You can upload similar files without the need for a Medie account, or you can create an account by clicking on the sign-up button and you will be able to upload and manage your files

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